Spring Time is House Selling Time

Springtime has always been one of the best times to sell a house, no matter what the property market has been doing beforehand. The days are longer and brighter, allowing viewers more time to peruse the properties available to them. Make the most of this busy time and present your house at its full potential.

Some people say the smell of freshly brewed coffee or baked bread will help sell a house. I'm not so sure it's as simple as that, but a home that is clearly loved and well looked after will certainly create more appeal for a buyer. Here are some handy tips on how to make sure your house gives the right impression.

1 - Kerb appeal

Many viewers will make their initial judgment as soon as they arrive at your property. Make sure that driveways are cleared of weeds and moss. Wash down outside painted walls. Keep lawns freshly mowed and carefully manicured. Fix any broken guttering or down pipes. All of these small steps will present your home as well maintained and looked after.

2 - Welcoming doorway

Make sure the pathway to the front door is clear of debris with no over grown bushes or trees. Brighten up the entrance area with containers planted with daffodils or tulips, everyone likes to see Spring is on its way. On a bright sunny day old paint work can look dull and dusty. Wash down the front door or give it a fresh lick of paint if needed. Make sure brass door knobs or knockers are polished and gleaming. UK weather is never predictable though so make sure you have a clean, welcoming door mat for people to wipe their feet before they enter.

3 - Gleaming windows

Sun shining on a window is one sure way to show up dirt and grime. Make sure all your windows have been cleaned inside and out. If you have blinds or curtains make sure these are opened wide to allow as much natural daylight as possible to stream through the house helping the rooms to appear large and airy.

4 - Sparkling surfaces

Your house should be 'fit for a queen clean'. Carpets should be freshly vacuumed and any stains removed. Wooden, laminate or tiled floors should be polished to a high shine. Furniture should be polished and cushions plumped. This is your show house - show it at its best.

5 - Kitchen and bathrooms

Clean, clean and clean again! Keep work tops clear of clutter giving the impression of large workspaces to appeal to the 'family chef'. Wash and polish work surfaces and cupboard doors. Remember people may look into kitchen cupboards, or even the oven, so make sure these are clean and crumb free. Bathroom suites should be polished with coordinating towels on the rails. You could even display matching rolled wash cloths in a fashionable pyramid.

6 - Bedrooms

This is where you need to consider your viewer and what they are likely to be looking for. Young families are likely to want lots of space for children's toys. Families with grown up children might be interested in whether there is a TV aerial point, somewhere to put a desk for studying. A professional couple might need to use one of the bedrooms as an office and need a telephone point and plenty of power points. If the walls are papered with the likes of Peppa Pig wallpaper or covered in teenage posters it may be worthwhile changing to something more neutral. Plain light coloured wall covering will open up the room and make it more versatile to fit with the viewer's needs.

7 - De clutter

You want your potential buyers to be able to picture themselves living in the house so remove personal photos and items where you can. To make each room appear bigger have minimal furniture and make sure children's toys, coats and shoes are all cleared from view. If you have fitted wardrobes viewers will certainly want to have a look inside to see how much space they have, so clear them out so that they can see how roomy they are. Take this as an opportunity to start your packing and ask a friend or neighbour to allow you to store the items for you until you have sold.

8 - And smile

Be proud of your home and what you have made it. Allow your viewer to enter each room first so that they get a feeling of the size and space. Give them time to wander around on their own after the guided tour. Answer questions honestly and give as much relevant information about the area as you can.

Generally an estate agent can do viewing on your behalf but as you can see you still have to do all the hard work and preparation beforehand. At Propertyhop we believe you, the vendor, are best placed to show their house to prospective purchasers. You know all the little quirks of your home, you have first hand knowledge of the local area, shops and services. We have been told by other vendors that they like to see who might be buying their house and feel it makes the transaction feel less 'cold'.

If there is a lot of interest in a property we would suggest an 'open viewing' day. We would certainly be there to assist at such an event and make sure that every opportunity was maximised.

To find out more about selling with Propertyhop see our website www.propertyhop.co.uk or call us on 02890 600 333.