Hints and Tips For Selling

With Option 1 you may have chosen to take your own photos and write your own descriptions.

Here are some helpful tips to aid you in this:


Prepare the room for photography by removing any personal items and ensuring that it is clean and tidy. For example

Living room: turn the television off; make sure no personal items are sitting around; straighten cushions and rugs

Kitchen: make sure work surfaces and clean and clear of clutter; remove tea towels, cleaning products and dishes from sight

Bathroom: make sure towels are clean and hanging straight; remove bathroom products and cloths or sponges from sight

Bedrooms: make sure bed is neatly made; remove any clothes from floor, door knobs, stools etc; take down teen posters; keep dressing table and bedside table free from clutter


You do not need to use a professional camera but it should have a flash. When taking the photograph hold a small vanity mirror below the flash so that it will bounce the light, making the room appear brighter.

Take the photo from the furthest corner of the room at an angle which maximises the room size and space.

Make the room as bright as possible - open the blinds or turn on lights


Measure the length and breadth of the room

If there is a bay window or alcove measure to the widest point but specify within the measurements that this has been done eg 12ft x 15ft into bay window


It is important that you abide by the rules of the Property Misdescriptions Act.

Essentially the Act makes it an offence to make false or misleading statements about property offered for sale. Any information must be accurate and must not be misleading.

Keep the descriptions simple and factual - your Personal Property Manager will review what you have written before finally uploading your details and will add any further wording they feel is appropriate.

In the room descriptions you may want to include details of particular features for example:

  • Bedroom: fitted wardrobes, laminate flooring?
  • Bathroom: electric shower, separate shower cubicle, low flush WC, white suite, fully tiled, half tiled, type of flooring?
  • Living room: type of fireplace, gas fire installed,type of flooring?
  • Kitchen: style of units, type of hob, dishwasher, type of flooring, tiled walls?

In the property description you may want to include some details of particular features for example:

  • What type of property is it
  • Where is it located
  • Is it well maintained? Extended? Refurbised?
  • What type of heating is there?
  • Is it double glazed?
  • Is there a front and back garden? A patio? Decking?
  • Is there a shed or garage included?
  • Is it south facing?
  • What popular facilities are in the area?

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