So How Does It Work? Simple ...

Your choice

You decide which payment option you prefer then register your details. At this stage, if you have opted for our Option 1 you can upload your own photos and write your own description. One of our Personal Property Managers will contact you within 1 working day to confirm the details you have given and answer any questions you have. If you have chosen Option 2 or 3 we will arrange a convenient time to meet with you to discuss rental price, take photos and agree a description for your property. We will also agree a time and date for an EPC to be completed, if included in your chosen package.

Your property

Once we have all agreed on the photos and description to be used, a To Let board will be delivered (if included in your chosen package) and erected for you. We will also send you an email showing how your property will appear on our website and once you agree you are happy with this the details will be uploaded to and all our affiliated property websites. Details should appear on these sites within 2-4 working days.

Your control

When you register we will set up your own Personal Property Page, which only you and your Personal Property Manager will have access to. This will include information such as viewings requested and applications made. On this page you can agree viewing times, change rent price, add photos and accept or reject offers. This allows you to control the letting of yourproperty at any time of day or night without being restricted to the normal 9 - 5 working hours.

Your viewings

As soon as your property is listed we will start getting enquiries from possible tenants. We will handle all these enquiries for you and when a viewing is requested we will send you a text and an email with the preferred date and times, which will also be registered on your Personal Property Page. You can agree these by contacting us or updating your Property Page. We will then text both you and the viewer to confirm the date, time and address, helping to reduce the number of people who don't turn up because they forgot the details.

If an application is made this will be added to your property page. We will negotiate with the tenant on your behalf - we want to make sure you get the best tenant for your property.

If you have chosen Option 2 or 3 we will do your viewings for you.

Your rental

When you have decided on your tenant, and if you have chosen option 2 or 3, we will do the following for you:

  • Collect tenant references and guarantor details
  • Arrange a tenant credit search, if requested
  • Carry out and check an inventory
  • Arrange signing of the tenancy agreement and provide copies to both you and tenant
  • Release the keys to your tenant
  • Provide tenant with Personal Property Manager's contact details for ongoing management (option 3 only)
  • Collect the deposit and first month's rent

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