Showcasing Your Property

No one knows your home better than you do when it comes to showing off its strengths.Careful planning and knowing how to make the best of your house will help make it irresistible to prospective owners.

1 - Exterior

Make sure there is somewhere for the viewer to park. Tidy the front and back gardens, paint window sills and a make sure the house number or name is visible. Update and switch on outside lights and put potted plants on either side of the door if there is room.

2 - Lighting

Uplighters in some common living areas can create a 'homely' feel. Make sure any burnt out bulbs are replaced and install brighter modern lighting to make the rooms feel sunny and cheerful.

3 - Furnishings

Most homes show better with less furniture. Be sure to remove pieces of furniture that hamper a walkway and put them in storage. Leave just enough furniture in each room to showcase the room properly with plenty of room to move around.

Clear any clutter from kitchen counters, remove ragged tea towels, put away bathroom products, hang clean towels, remove personal items from bedside tables and take down any posters in children's bedrooms.

4 - Maintenance

Avoid major overhauls but such an improvement can be made with a lick of paint in a shabby room, re-grouting tiles in a shower cubicle, polishing chrome fittings and strategically placing flowers throughout.

Clean, dust and tidy everywhere. Keep items you use daily in a box that can be quickly cleared away when viewers are coming.

5 - Animals

You may be an animal lover but your viewer may not be or they could be allergic so if possible leave your pet with a neighbour. Clear away any pet bowls, baskets and toys and make sure there is no sign of pet hair on the furnishings.

6 - Dress rehearsal

Before your viewer arrives go outside and walk up to your front door, open it and stand in the entrance way. Put yourself in your viewer's shoes - does it feel welcoming? Linger in the doorway of each room - examine the lighting, how furniture is arranged and what impression each room makes. Decide what order you will show the viewer around, what you are going to say about each room and which features you want to highlight.

7 - You're ready to present

Open the door with a smile, introduce yourself and try to use the viewer's name. Welcome them in.

Allow viewers to enter the room first then stand at the doorway to point out any features or answer any questions. Once you have shown them around the whole house leave them for 10 minutes to mill around themselves and chat in private.

Tell them about the plus points of your area such a good schools, local amenities, bus routes etc but don't overload them with detail. Tell them they are welcome to view again at another time if they would like to.

Depending on the pricing option you have chosen we will contact your viewer the following day for some feedback and add the details of this to your Personal Property Page.